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The Switchlist
Say you could get any third party game or franchise on the Nintendo Switch. Say you had the power to directly communicate with the video game developers themselves, and could inch them towards releasing their most valued of games onto this portable hybrid Nintendo console. 
Which games would you like to see, and why do you feel as though they belong on Nintendo's newest system?

For me, I'd love to see a Battlefield game on the Switch. Talking about a main installment, not some off-shoot like Activision did with Call of Duty: Declassified on the Vita. But an actual full blown game, with all of the features and dev support you'd expect.

Just think about it. To have the ability to frag your enemy while literally anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection. That applies to virtually any other game as well. I would legitimately buy Borderlands 2 for a third time if it meant I'd get a quality experience while on the go. Same goes for the newest Mass Effect, or For Honor, or pretty much any major release of recent memory. Games I was otherwise on the fence about, would become instant buys for the Switch.
But why stop there? The Switch is also an amazing tablet-like device, with touch screen functionality. Games such as Civilization 5 could potentially work amazingly well on the Switch, with Civilization having touch functionality built right into the game itself. The Switch's gyro sensor is also perfect for first person shooters, and provides additional sniper accuracy that a traditional analog control stick just isn't capable of matching. With it, I can easily make those fine-tuned headshots, making the Switch a potentially perfect platform for precision shooters. Well, at least, as perfect a platform as a console can get. I could easily see myself playing the latest first person shooter titles on the Switch, instead of my PS4 or Xbox One.

Anyway, what about you guys? What games do you think would belong perfectly on the Nintendo Switch? Or better yet, what do you personally want to see get released on this hybrid console?
Oh yeah, and welcome to SwitchYo! If you're new here, be sure to post around. We're a small community, but we hope to grow with a little help from you.

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